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The Giggling Marlin Tequila
The Giggling Marlin Tequila

Blue Weber Agave
Blue Weber Agave

The Giggling Marlin Tequila
The Giggling Marlin Tequila

The Giggling Marlin Tequila
The Giggling Marlin Tequila



After a great day of fishing, laying on the beach Giggling Marlin is the place people come to for fun, food and adventure.

Located on the Marina Boulevard, the main road that runs through the once sleepy fishing village of Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is located on the Southern most tip of the Baja peninsula. Once known only for its fishing, Cabo is now a destination resort with an incredible night life, great golf courses, and still the best fishing in the world.


Started in 1984, the Giggling Marlin was once the only bar in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Since that time Cabo has grown to include a Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Café and numerous other shopping and dining establishments.


Agave tequilana, commonly called blue agave or tequila agave, is an agave plant whose role is the base ingredient of tequila, a popular beverage.

The tequila agave is native to the states of Jalisco, Colima, Nayarit and Aguascalientes in Mexico. The plant favors altitudes of more than 1,500 metres (5,000 ft) and grows in rich and sandy soils. Blue agave plants grow into large succulents, with spiky fleshy leaves, that can reach over 2 metres (7 ft) in height. Blue agaves sprout a stalk (quiote) when about five years old that can grow an additional 5 metres (16 ft); they are topped with yellow flowers.


Tequila is produced by removing the heart of the plant in its twelfth year. Harvested piñas normally weigh 80–200 pounds. This heart is stripped of its leaves and heated to remove the sap, which is fermented and distilled.

  • The oldest and original bar in Cabo San Lucas.

  • The title "World Famous" is justified from the global activity and clientele that Cabo San Lucas see's as it is known as a destination hot spot for vacationers.

  • Patrons from all over the world have been in the bar and have already reached out to us inquiring about the products availability.

  • We just celebrated our 30th Anniversary in Cabo San Lucas (2014) so longevity is not a question in regards to our business practices.

  • We have spent numerous years searching for the best tasting, smoothest finishing product.

  • We know the area, we call it home, and we have built relationships in Mexico that are irreplaceable!

  • We want to supply a product that will have people asking for more and we feel we have that with Giggling Marlin Tequila.